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What is Dot Club? 

Dot Club is a monthly package of designer-curated jewelry selected just for you! All of our boxes may contain our unique interchangeable Dots in varying sizes and Foundation pieces, and occasionally may include other specially selected products. We love to send out happy surprises!

Our designers create the best interchangeable recessed snaps (Dots) and foundation pieces curated just for you! Our quality and designs contribute to our average Dot Clubber belonging to the club for an industry high 19 months.

What comes in the Style Dots Dot Club box?

Great question! Each box contains a specially selected combination of 3-6 items ranging from Statement (30 mm), Original (12 mm), and Dotlet (8 mm) sizes and may on occasion include foundation bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. All products are packaged with great care before being shipped out. We put all of our resources into ensuring every box is special and unique for you.

Will you tell me what is coming in my box ahead of time?

We love surprises, and our subscribers do too! However, other than with your initial Welcome Box, you will get to choose between two colors. These are "hints," not the actual design. We still want you to have the surprise!

Every month, between the 25th and the 30th, you’ll log in to your account and choose between two color hints. For example: Let's say the two color hints are a picture of yellow flowers or blue flowers. Then you know the colors choices are yellow or blue—you decide!

Note: When you make a choice it will automatically defaults to the A or B choice from their last month's choice.  If you want the same choice then do nothing as it will default to the "A" choice you made last month, if you want to switch your choice then choose the other color.  If you click on A when your color choice is already defaulted to A it will add another A to your cart.

For example:
2nd Month: A (you chose color A)
3rd Month: It is defaulted to A. You want color A so you do nothing. If you click on A again it will add a 2nd A to your cart.
3rd Month: It is defaulted to A. You want color B so you must click on B to select it. The following month it will be defaulted to color B.
And the process is repeated.

The magic of the Dot Club experience involves helping you discover new colors and designs that you may not normally choose. We can't tell you how many times a subscriber has told us they received a color they don't normally wear, and now it is one of their very favorites. That is part of the fun!

Why was my subscription renewed?

Dot Club is a subscription service that automatically renews at the end of each cycle, same as most other services of its type. We do this to ensure that you don’t miss a single Dot Club box! 

If you want to change or cancel your subscription, please log into your account and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have signed up for a multi-month subscription, and you cancel your subscription, you will not be eligible for subscriber promotions and bonuses. 

If you have any questions, you can email info@styledotshome.com, and we will be happy to help. 

Will you let me know when my Dot Club box has shipped?

Yes. You will receive an email to the email address you have listed in your account, along with a tracking number.

Don't forget: Your first box is shipped within a few days! All remaining boxes are shipped on or before the 15th of each month. 

Can I return a subscription box and get a refund?

Our designers and curators work hard to select products for you and purchase the correct inventory. The intention behind the subscription box is to give you a surprise every month along with the opportunity to wear items that may be a style that you don’t normally choose. We do not accept returned boxes or refund our subscription boxes. We hope that you will give your new style a chance or gift it to a friend.

Do you have a loyalty program?

You can earn fabulous rewards by becoming a Style Dots Insider! Join our FREE Insider program here

Dot Club subscribers earn double points on their subscriptions! 

Note: Ensure that you fill out your Insider profile with the same email address you used for your subscription boxes so you collect those double reward points with every box! 

When do I get charged for my subscription?

You will get charged immediately for your first Welcome Box, and all subsequent monthly boxes will be charged on the 1st of each month.

Can I share what I received in my box on social media?

Yes! We would love for you to share your Dot Club box on social media. Please use the following hashtags: 

  • #dotclub 
  • #thedotlife 
  • #styledots

You may get a prize if we select your post or video!

What will the charge look like on my bank or credit card account?

Your Dot Club charges will come from “SD Style Dots.”

How do I update my billing information?

You can update your billing information in your subscription account portal.

How do I update my shipping address?

You can update your shipping address in your subscription account portal.

Why are their multi-month subscriptions if they are still billed monthly?

Committing to a multi-month subscription allows us to prepare ahead of time and have the correct inventory for everyone.

What is your cancellation policy?

We will be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your subscription account portal. 

When you cancel you will no longer be able to receive subscriber bonuses or promotions. 

PLEASE NOTE: You must cancel your subscription at least 7 days prior to the next monthly renewal charge or you will be charged and shipped again. Processing subscription renewals and cancellations takes time and management. We appreciate your understanding on this. 

Also, don’t forget you may pause your subscription anytime by logging into your subscription account portal. 

How do I skip my subscription? 

We understand life happens! You may need to skip a monthly subscription box. You can skip a month of your subscription box from your subscription account portal.

What is Style Dots jewelry made from?

All of Style Dots interchangeable snap Dots are made from premium alloys and materials and genuine crystals. Our jewelry bases (we call them Foundations) are cadmium, lead, and nickel free so you can buy and wear with confidence knowing your snap jewelry won't green, tarnish, or wear

Is Style Dots jewelry compatible with other interchangeable snap jewelry?

While there are other interchangeable jewelry companies, there is only one Style Dots! Our products are protected by seven US patents and feature our exclusive recessed setting that protects your snaps from being released from their base before you're ready. No missing Dots! Our products are not designed to be used with discount snap jewelry company products.

How do I know if my Dot will fit into my Foundation base?

Style Dots snap jewelry comes in four different sizes: Statement (30 mm), Original (12 mm), Dotlet (8 mm), and Square (14 mm). When selecting a Dot or Foundation, make sure you choose a product that lists the same size in the product name.

The Dot Club Welcome Box contains products with the Original (12 mm) size—a great size to start your collection! Don’t be afraid to branch out to other sizes, as well! Mixing and matching sizes and colors is one of the best parts of interchangeable jewelry.

Is Style Dots jewelry made with sterling silver?

Style Dots aims to be affordable and accessible for everyone while still high quality. Our current products are not sterling silver, but use a premium alloy with a .990 deep-silver finish.

Is Style Dots jewelry magnetic?

Style Dots interchangeable jewelry is not magnetic. We have thoroughly researched and tested magnetic interchangeable jewelry and have found it does not keep your snap jewelry securely inside the base, causing your insert to fall out or get lost. Instead, we have developed and patented a recessed setting that ensures your Dots stay tight and snug and protected until you're ready to release them from the Foundation base.

I have an idea for a Style Dots product. Where can I send it?

We love hearing from our customers! In fact, many of our designs have come from them. Email your feedback and product ideas to design@styledotshome.com.

What if I don’t like something in my subscription box?

Our top designers work hard to ensure you will receive something that you will love. We even give you color hints to make sure you get a color you will like and wear. If you don't like something in your box, please let our designers know so that they can design accordingly.Just email them at design@styledotshome.com.

How do I return a defective product?

We have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on our jewelry. If you have a defective product, please reach out to us right away at returns@styledotshome.com, and we will do our best to make it right.

Note: Our warranty is a manufacturer’s warranty and does not include normal wear and usage.