Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers!

Q: What is Style Dots?

A: Style Dots is the premier interchangeable snap jewelry on the market today. We are the only company with 7 patents and been voted the best snap jewelry company for multiple years. We only use quality materials and stand by our products with our unmatched 1-year warranty against defect.

Q: How does Style Dots snap jewelry determine the products they offer?

A: Style Dots maintains an accessible price point by creating products in line with current sales and fashion trends. Our product designers also have decades of experience in the fashion and jewelry industry. In addition, we hold 'think-tanks' with our sales leaders to get valuable feedback.

Q: When did Style Dots interchangeable jewelry start?

A: We opened for business in 2014 and have seen consistent and continued growth year over year.

Q: What is Style Dots jewelry made from?

A: All of Style Dots snap jewelry accents are made from premium alloys and materials. Our jewelry bases (we call them Foundations) are cadmium, lead and nickel free so you can buy and wear with confidence knowing your snap jewelry won't green, tarnish or wear. Our interchangeable snaps (we call them Dots) are made from highly rated crystals, glass and other quality materials.

Q: Is Style Dots jewelry compatible with other interchangeable snap jewelry?

A: While there are other interchangeable jewelry companies, there is only one Style Dots. Our products are protected by seven US patents and feature our exclusive recessed setting that protects your snaps from being released from their base before you're ready. No missing Dots! Our products are not designed to be used with discount snap jewelry company products.

Q: How do I know if my Dot will fit in my Foundation base?

A: Style Dots snap jewelry come in four different sizes: Statement (30mm), Original (12mm), Dotlet (8mm) and Square. When selecting a Dot or Foundation, make sure you choose a product that lists the same size in the product name.

Q: Is Style Dots jewelry made with sterling silver?

A: Style Dots aims to be affordable and accessible for everyone while still high quality. Our current products are not sterling silver but use a premium alloy with a .990 deep silver coating.

Q: Are Style Dots magnetic?

A: Style Dots are not magnetic. We have thoroughly researched and tested magnetic interchangeable jewelry and have found it does not keep your snap jewerly inside the base, causing your insert to fall out or get lost. Instead, we have developed and patented a recessed setting that ensures your Dots stay tight and snug and protected until you're ready to release them from the Foundation base.

Q: I have an idea for a Style Dots product. Where can I share it?

A: We love hearing from our customers! Email your feedback and product ideas to