• Q: How much can I earn selling Style Dots product?

    A: As a Brand Partner, you will earn 15% Instant Discount on all Dots, Foundation pieces, and Accessories. You can also earn an additional sales bonus of 3%-35% on your personal sales each month. Affiliates earn 10% on their purchases and sales. (See compensation plan for full details.)

  • Q: Does Style Dots have quotas?

    A: We have no monthly quotas; however, when you are active with $300 in personal volume, you have unlocked the ability to order the next month’s releases early. We do have a bi-annual $300 requirement to maintain your BP Discount. These look-back periods run from June- November, and December - May each calendar year.

  • Q: How much do I make on my personally mentored Brand Partner and Affiliates?

    A: You earn 4% on your frontline volume. Both your personally enrolled Brand Partners and Affiliates count towards your frontline volume. Additionally, for any first time personally enrolled Brand Partners you mentor, you will receive an additional 4% bonus for their first 12 months.

    Example: Susan signs up as a New Brand Partner January 28, 2024, you would receive a bonus 4% commission on this Brand Partner’s personal volume thru January 31, 2025.

  • Q: What happens if my frontline mentored Brand Partner resigns from the company, what happens to their frontline?

    A: First-level Brand Partners and Affiliates of resigned Brand Partners will roll up to you as the next level mentor.

  • Q: Do I need to have active legs to reach my title?

    A: Titles are based SOLELY on group volume, regardless of how many team members you have. Group Volume includes your Personal Volume and your Frontline Volume. You don’t need a specific number of team members to achieve or maintain a title.